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Scherer Tours

Enjoying outdoor sports in an atmosphere of group dynamics is one of the great pleasures of  life.  And with 40 years of experience,  2700 successful trips, and over 105,000 guests... we are not stopping here. We are still learning and putting our resources to work for you.  With ski movies from our trips, many of which we post on Facebook and Vimeo, you can relive your alpine memories whenever you wish.  

There is only one:  it's old school, it's ski extreme, it's got the highest, the steepest , the longest, and the most amazing runs in the Alps.  It's Man Against Nature at it best.  It demands fitness, respect, and luck.  It's Chamonix.  Hit it when the weather is right...and this is what you get!! Here is the film and the trailer:  Wie Gott in Frankreich,  from January 2018 with the Frankfurt Ski Club.       


Chamonix:  DIE Herausforderung.  Das Gebiet der Superlativen:  die längste, die steilste, die höchste Abfahrten der Alpen.  Und wenn die Sonne scheint - die Belohnung ist einmalig.  Schauen Sie mal rein:  Wie Gott In Frankreich!


Enjoy the variety of the Arlberg, including the new Ski Safari, with the Tannenbaum Ski Club and us, from December, 2017.   Geniesse die Vielseitigkeit des Arlbergs, inclusive Ski Safari, mit dem Tannenbaum Ski Club von Dezember, 2017.

Here is a ticket you may not yet have punched:  waterskiing on your boards.  One of your many options when you book a ski or board trip with us.


Wasserskifahren auf Brettern kann man auch mit uns probieren wenn Sie es wagen möchten.

Den Draht zueinander, den Draht miteinander:   es macht einfach mehr Spaß, die Natur gemeinsam zu genießen.  Unsere Gruppenfahrten bringen Menschen zusammen – an den schönsten Orten mit gleichgesinnte Leuten aus unterschiedlichen Ländern. 


Viele unseren Golf und Ski Touren bieten

geführte Ski Safaris,  Board-und Ski- testing und Videoanalysen.  Auf Facebook und Vimeo werden die Erinnerungen wieder aufgefrischt, und weiter gezeigt.  Das meinen wir wenn wir sagen:  “ Memories for keeps”.

Tour Packages

Looking for a great excursion for your school, organisation, club, or company?  Well, use our 38 years of expert research to your advantage.  Results count! 


Since 1978, Scherer Tours  has planned trips for over 3,500 groups  and over 105,000 people.  Our secret-we are only as good as the last trip we have organized.



Whether South Africa or South Beach Miami, alpine links or links courses, the Algarve or Antalya, Scherer Tours knows golf destinations that you will savor.

Fun for Everyone

Adventure holidays can be rustic or luxurious, but they all have one thing in common:  they raise your adrenalin to new levels.

Time to Relax

Ski Trips are the backbone of our company.  Simply put, nobody knows the Alps better than  us.